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Compass Membership

Certification is valid for two years from the certification date. The certified instructor must maintain individual, annual, $50 membership in Compass.


Instructors may renew their certification at the end of the two-year period if their membership has been maintained. They must provide documentation of at least 50 hours of continuing education and work within the industry and pay a certification renewal fee of $85 to be considered for certification renewal. Instructors may also re-certifiy by attending a clinic and attaining their current certification level or a higher level. 

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Interested in Becoming a Compass Clinician?


In order to become a Compass clinician, you must certify through level three and be evaluated as an assistant in at least two Compass clinics. Certification of a clinician is at the sole discretion of the two present Compass clinicians and their evaluation of the participant’s instructor skills. 

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