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Riding Instructor Certification Clinics

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These guidelines reflect the minimum desirable characteristics for certification:

  • At least 18 years of age. Have a basic understanding of professional standards and behavior, set a good example in personal attitudes, language, appearance and behavior at all times. Have knowledge of and comply with legal and ethical requirements related to duty of care and professional conduct. 

  • Have a basic knowledge and understanding of equine anatomy and physiology; can implement basic management practices related to feeding, health care, maintenance and use of horses. Can detect, prevent and manage equine lameness, sickness and disease. Will demonstrate kind, caring and humane attitudes and treatment of horses at all times. 

  • Have knowledge of horsemanship theory and riding skills (one level above what they teach), observe students during lessons, effectively communicate instruction and provide physical assistance when necessary. 

  • Have strong safety awareness, able to avoid and manage emergency situations.

  • Able to evaluate a rider both mounted and dismounted, and assist rider progress. 


  • Able to safely and independently catch, halter, lead, tie, groom and tack horses.


  • Able to ride safely and competently at the walk, trot/jog, canter/lope, in the arena or an open riding area. ​​


  • Able to assess the suitability, condition, fit, and adjustment of all tack and equipment used in the program. ​                                                             


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What to Expect at Our Clinics

What to Expect
  • A clear outline and schedule of the clinic


  • A seminar on emergency action                     procedures


  • Assignments for teaching mock lessons


  • Time to plan for your own lessons


  • A riding evaluation


  • A written evaluation of horsemanship and guiding trails


  • Teaching both ground and mounted             mock lessons for your certification level

  • Additional tips and tricks for creative and fun lessons

  • A mock trail ride demonstrating your           ability to safely guide trail rides

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What You Receive from a Clinic

What you Receive

At the clinic you will receive:

  • Certification- This is awarded, if achieved, at the end of the clinic. The level of certification attained (if any) is at the sole discretion of the Compass clinicians conducting the clinic. Certification is valid for two years from the certification date; the certified instructor must maintain individual, annual membership in Compass. Instructors may choose to attend another clinic for recertification or to attain a higher level of certification. The instructor may also re-certify at the end of the two year period period by providing documentation of at least 50 hours of continuing education and work within the industry.


  • Constructive ideas and tools to improve your lessons and teaching style


  • Creative teaching methods


  • An understanding of how to apply lessons in a camp environment


  • Access to troubleshooting and support resources


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Upcoming Clinics

Upcoming Clinics

No upcoming events at the moment

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Host a Clinic

Interested in Hosting a Clinic?

Clinics are offered at approved host sites. Clinics are organized and conducted by Compass-certified clinicians and the hosting facility.


The host site is responsible for contracting the services of clinic staff, providing an adequate equestrian facility with horses to use, and providing food and lodging accommodations for clinic participants.


Host sites may conduct private clinics solely for their own riding staff, or they may open up the clinic to outside participants.


If you are interested in hosting a clinic, please contact us to begin the approval process.

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