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Our Story

Compass Horsemanship was founded by Ann Phelan and Corie Himstedt. Ann and Corie have collectively been working in the camp industry teaching horseback riding for over 35 years. Both have been members and clinicians with other horsemanship associations over the years, but in running their own camp riding programs, they were interested in providing an organization that supports and caters specifically to camp.


At Compass, we recognize that camp fits into a small, unique sector of the horsemanship world and has different standards, needs, and expectations. It is our number one priority to always create a safe environment for your campers, your staff, and your horses. We strive to be a high quality and affordable option for certifying your equestrian staff. Additionally, we work to provide support, ideas, and troubleshooting for riding programs year-round.


Compass Horsemanship Association is excited and honored to be a part of the success and growth of your equestrian programs!

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Our Mission

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To train and certify instructors for safe, fun, and educational riding for camp environments in lesson programs and trail guiding. 

Our Goal

It is our goal at Compass Horsemanship to use clinics to not only evaluate and certify instructors, but also to provide them with useful and creative teaching tools to set them up for success. We recognize that camp is its own unique sector of the horsemanship world and want to provide safe and practical ways to teach horsemanship that are conducive to the camp environment. 

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